Quality Control


KST has it's own 89000 square meters industrial park& 200 square meters independent high-end laboratory,and more than 50 professional R&D and QC staffs.

Our quality department, as the company's core competitiveness of production and technology testing and monitoring terminal, built on the basis of ISO 9001 quality management system , customer-oriented. With IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, reliability&pro-environmental management functional organization, and fully trained professional inspection team of more than 20 staff. Equipped with French YOKOGAWA, EXFO and other brands of precision OTDR optical time domain detector, combined with the company's ERP system, can achieve 100% monitoring and testing of products in each process, and ensure the traceability of all. At the same time, we carry out periodic TDR improvements with production and technical departments, we strictly and comprehensively escort every meter of optical fiber cable, to commit to the concept of winning the market with superior quality and service.

R&D QC Team

Our laboratory equipped with almost 100set state-of-the-art optical fiber cable experimental equipment,such as tension testing machine;filtration efficiency machine tester;UV accelerated weathering tester water penetration testing machine;Halogen Acid Gas Release measuring device;vibration testing machine;Fire retardant testing machine;High and low temperature testing machine;Winding testing machine;bending testing machine;flexing testing machine;impact resistance testing machine;abrasion testing machine;crush testing machine;fiber geometric parameter testing machine ,etc.

Our R&D and QC staffs are all high qualified and more than 5 years work experience we have nearly 50 national invention patents.

Our powerful experimental configuration provides customers with strong customization ability and quality assurance.

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 Patent name

 Patent number

Patent date


Patent 1

A water seepage test system for special communication optical cable

ZL 2020 1 0785262.9


Patent 1

Patent 2

Special communication optical cable processing and production system and its processing technology

ZL 2019 1 0770550.4


Patent 2

Patent 3

A paste spraying device used for optical cable production

ZL 2019 2 1341165.X


Patent 3

Patent 4

Vertical combustion experimental system used for the flame retardant test of special communication optical cable

ZL 2019 1 0769643.5


Patent 4

Patent 5

A new type of soft elevator optical cable

ZL 2014 2 0718513.1


Patent 5

Patent 6

A new type of small seamless steel pipe optical cable

ZL 2014 2 0718513.1


Patent 6

Patent 7

A new bite and termite fiber cable

ZL 2014 2 0730161.1


Patent 7

Patent 8

A new type of reinforced submarine climbing optical cable

ZL 2014 2 0730295.3


Patent 8

Patent 9

A new type of reinforced submarine climbing optical cable

ZL 2014 2 0718035.4


Patent 9

Patent 10

A new type of multi-core mini-unit structural optical cable

ZL 2014 2 0730233.2


Patent 10

Patent 11

A new type of optical fiber-to-home optical cable

ZL 2014 2 0718576.7


Patent 11