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    Shenzhen Kstcable Co., Ltd.

    2005.06, Shenzhen Kstcable Co., Ltd. was established;

    2005.09, Production of products: Fiber optic cable for communication, for power cable, indoor fiber cable, FTTH optic cable, fiber optic cable and other field;

    2006.11,Through the ISO9000 international quality system certification;

    2007.02,Through the EU ROHS certification;

    2008.05, Tertified by the U.S.UL;

    2008.03, Exports to South Korea the first fiber optic cable to get customers;

    2009.12, The products have been exported to the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and othe…【More】

Cable FAQ

What is MBR Fiber?

What is MBR Fiber?

Fiber optic cables are composed of individual fibers (wires). individual fibers have a minimum bend radius specificatio…【More】

What is the minimum bend radius (MBR)?

What is the minimum bend radius (MBR)?

Fiber-everyone has a minimum bend radius specifications from manufacturers. This is the minimum radius of curvature, w…【More】

Fiber optic cables

  • Unitube Armored Outdoor  Cable

    Unitube Armored Outdoor Cable

    Central Loose Tube Outdoor Cable,GYXTW,Fiber optic GYXTW cable is an outdoor use optical fiber cable suitable for duct and aerial applications.…

  • Unitube FRP Non-armored Cable

    Unitube FRP Non-armored Cable

    Non-metal Central Loose Tube Out Cable,GYFXTY, Suitable for a minefield and electronagnetic interference,Seriously area of cable distribution.Suitable for A…

  • Outdoor /Indoor Cable

    Outdoor /Indoor Cable

    Suitable for indoor or outdoor distribution.Small cable size, lightweight, with excellent waterproofing performance.…

  • Non-metallic Non-armored Cable

    Non-metallic Non-armored Cable

    Dielectric Loose Tube Cable,fiber optic cable GYFTY is adopted to Outdoor distribution.Suitable for Aerial,trunk power transmission system.Access network and l…

  • Stranded Loose Tube  Armored Cable

    Stranded Loose Tube Armored Cable

    GYTS,Steel Tape layer Loose Tube Outdoor Cable,fiber optic cable GYTS, Suitable for long distance and area network commmunication.…

  • Aluminum  Stranded Cable

    Aluminum Stranded Cable

    GYTA,Aluminum Longitudinal Layer Stranded Optic Cable,fiber optic cable GYTA is Adopted to Outdoor distribution,long distance and local area network commun…

  • Stranded Armored Double Sheath  Cable

    Stranded Armored Double Sheath Cable

    GYTY53,Armored and Double Sheathed Outdoor Calbe,Armored and Double Sheathed Outdoor Calbe,GYTY53 fiber optic cable is direct buried underground, it suit …

  • Armored  Double Sheath Cable

    Armored Double Sheath Cable

     GYFTY53,China optical fiber cable GYFTY53 Manufacturers, China optical fiber cable GYFTY53 Suppliers, offer quality optical fiber cable GYFTY53 pr…

  • Single-Fiber Cable

    Single-Fiber Cable

    GJFJV(Single-Fiber),Adopted to indoor distribution.Suitable for patch cords and pigtails.Suitable for communication equipment served.Can be installed convenientl…

  • 0.9mm Tight Buffer Cable

    0.9mm Tight Buffer Cable

    0.9 Indoor Cable,Compoents for valous of indoor cables.Suitable for patch cords and pigtails.Suitable for communication equipment served.…

  • 0.6mm Tight Buffer Cable

    0.6mm Tight Buffer Cable

    0.6 GJFJV,0.6 Indoor Cable.Components for various indoor cables.Suitable for communication equipment served. Suitable for patch cords and pigtails. Soft and easy…

  • Double Armored Double Sheath Cable

    Double Armored Double Sheath Cable

    Armored and Double Sheathed Outdoor Cable,GYTA53,suitable for aerial,pipeline and direct burial laying method,we supply single mode GYTA53 fiber optic cable an…

Special fiber cables

  • ADSS Cable

    ADSS Cable

    ADSS cable is suitable for network in high electromagnetic interfering places.Long distance and local area network communication.…

  • ADSS Fitting

    ADSS Fitting

     ADSS Cable Fitting        

  • OPGW Cable

    OPGW Cable

    OPGW,Central Optical Fiber SUS Tube Structure (Parts),OPGW cable is the short form of Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire,www.chinaopticcabl…

  • OPGW Fitting

    OPGW Fitting

    OPGW suspension clamp, adopting double-layer design, consists of outer preformed rod (dead end)/structural reinforcing rod in proper size and length, to pass axial load…

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