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Optical characteristics of clients?

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Outdoor fiber optic cable:

Outdoor cable customers, mostly large-scale operators, the general entry line network must first have a license before they can be nominated, most operators in order to reduce costs, under normal circumstances, have taken the form of centralized procurement tenders. Such as the National Grid to focus on the tender, the following rights of the provinces is not significant purchasing power company. Telecom operators have taken the form of centralized purchasing.Cable due to institutional reasons, there is no centralized purchasing, but must apply for radio and television network card before tender; including the military also must apply for special network access license military networks before tender. Coal mine safety permit requires the coal industry;

These customers, with prices very low, the characteristics of the payment period is very long, generally do not have the strength of the cable plant can not supply to such customers. Some have sub-regional cable television, pay well developed regions, less developed areas are also poorly paid. Power system payment is good, but demanding, high-cost relationship.

Indoor Cable:

Large optical equipment manufacturers long payment cycle, the price is very low. Fiber jumper many manufacturers, are labor-intensive enterprises, the lowest price, payment is good. PLC Splitter and other optical components manufacturers pay better, but the amount is very small.

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