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New fiber optic cable by the "pursuit"

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In recent years, China's optical fiber and cable industry's technology level has made great progress. China-made fiber market has been highly recognized in our communications trunk lines on the cumulative use of more than 20 million core km. Over the past few years, as the market downturn, optical fiber and cable industry through the most difficult stage. But the industry is still in continuous efforts for new applications related to business research is progressing very rapidly. Currently, the industry has introduced new recommendations fiber, plastic optical fiber and cable technologies are also being actively developed. In addition, laboratory studies of photonic crystal fiber smoothly, the current sample has been introduced, although the technology still needs further mature and the entire optical communication system technology breakthrough, but the successful development of the sample, the market will undoubtedly advance the application process.

The coming period, the application of new fiber products will become a hot industry and market 'darling', such as mobile communications with the new fiber, FTTH with new anti-bend single-mode optical fiber, ultra-low-loss single-mode fiber, long length, high-intensity submarine cable with optical fiber, photonic crystal fiber and high temperature specialty optical fiber, these new product development and application, will be the focus of research and industry.

Currently, most of the optical fiber and cable companies already have strong research and development capabilities, but the industry as a whole to see there are still many negative factors, the main performance is the proportion of independent intellectual property products is not high, less original intellectual property. This situation led to domestic enterprises involved in global market competition, often in a passive position.

Expert view is that domestic enterprises to move towards the international market, well in advance of new technology fiber optic products reserves, with more intellectual property rights. At the same time, but also further in-depth understanding and knowledge of international trade rules of the game, effectively circumvent the technical barriers to trade. Facing the new situation and actively looking for new economic growth point, is that the enterprises face the market, enterprising attitude.

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