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Analysis of cable structure

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Coated optical fiber cable in accordance with which the state has tight cable structure and loose structure of categories. Skeleton-type cable is a typical song structure. Optical fiber buried in the peripheral skeleton screw slot, there is room to maneuver. This cable isolation and prevent microbending loss of external characteristics of a good. Stranded cable armor Morimichi tight package when using the fiber is a typical tight structure, coated fiber was tightly wrapped in the cable structure, but Stranded cable package with loose fiber, because fiber plastic pipes in the secondary coating can be active, still loose structure. Stranded cable into the cable technology is relatively simple, with good performance. In addition, ribbon cable, single core fiber optic cable and other structure types.

  Increase in both pieces of cable to carry tension. It consists of a high modulus of elasticity of high strength material, commonly used steel wire, high-strength glass fiber and high modulus aramid and other synthetic fibers. Increase in the use of fiber optic components to produce only very low stress elongation deformation (eg, less than 0.5%), to protect the fiber from stress or only under very low stress, to prevent fiber breakage.

  Cable sheath structure and materials, use the environment and requirements may be, and under the same conditions of use basically the same cable. The use of the environment in accordance with cable, there are aerial cable, buried cable, submarine cable, fiber optic cable and other field.

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