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Domestic optical fiber and cable industry with a bright future

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Fiber-optic cable has a transmission capacity, transmission speed, strong anti-jamming capability, small size, light weight, and other unique advantages, has developed into a variety of communication network transmission. Looking at the situation of the domestic and international fiber optic cable industry, in terms of market size and production scale, the optical fiber and cable in China among the highest in the world, the construction of optical access network and 3G development of a strong driving force for the development of optical fiber and cable industry, but also face the enormous challenge of international competition, the development of the industry with a bright future. 

      Optical fiber and cable industry in China after 30 years of development, were in the research, production and application of rapid development, not only built a few cover both urban and rural Unicom with the global optical communications network, but also the formation of a large number with R & D capabilities, advanced management and the considerable size of the optical fiber and cable companies. In 2006, production and marketing of fiber optic cable up to 20 million core km; of optical fiber and cable market demand reached 80.42 million km in 2009, an increase of 79 percent compared with 2008; 2010, the national optical fiber market size of about 90 million core km; due to the national domestic demand, the 2011 domestic fiber-optic cable market continued to show a trend of rapid development, optical fiber market size will be an increase of about 10% to about 100 million core km of optical fiber and cable market with a bright future. 

     China's optical fiber and cable industry, promising mainly reflected in two aspects: First, from the wire and cable industry "12th Five-Year Development Plan" can be seen, the association recommended in the "planning" a national project, centralized funds, focusing on supporting 2-3 home suitable for the batch to do the conventional optical fiber preform business development and promote the localization of the equipment, the rapid increase of China's optical fiber preform production capacity of relevant national policies to support and guide the development of the industry for our fiber-optic cable to create a good environment;, as China FTTH, FTTC system used, the arrival of the triple play as well as large-scale 3G network construction, the demand for fiber-optic cable is increasingly warming, provide a strong impetus to the development of the industry for our fiber-optic cable.

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