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Steel Armored Braiding Fiber Optic Cable

The fibers are positioned in a Tight buffer which is made by LSZH. The tubes have protect by double sheath. in the tight buffer outside,steel braid and s s spiral protect the fiber either,Between the inner sheath and the outer sheath is wrapped with a layer of Kvelar, applied to keep the cable compact . The cable is completed with a polyethylene (PE) sheath.

  • Product Model:G657A2
*Adopted to indoor and outdoor distribution;
*As pigtail of communication equipment;
*Suitable for communication equipment;
*Can be installed conveniently.
*Two single-fiber as basic unit.flat twin configuration;
*Single-cable with 0.6 tight buffer.Kevlar yarn applied;
*Flexible or out sheath independent strength member;
*Excellent mechanical and environmental performance.