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144F Single Mode Mini bare fiber breakout fiber optic cable

Multi Purpose Breakout cable uses bare fiber as subunit. A fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) locates in the center of core as a non-metallic strength member. The subunits are stranded around the cable core. The cable is completed with a LSZH (Low Smoke, Zero halogen, Flame-retardant) jacket.

  • Product Model:GJFJV
Indoor any purpose cable distribution, Backbone distribution cable in a building.
· Stranded non-metallic strength member structure ensure the cable endure larger tensile strength
· The outer jacket material have many advantages such as anti-corrosion, anti-water, anti-ultra violet radiation, flame-retardant and harmless to environment etc.
· All dielectric structure protect it from electromagnetic influence.
· Scientific design with serious processing art.

Cable construction details

No.of fiber 144F

SM fiber
Fiber type SM G652D Concentricity error ≤0.5um
MFD 8.6~9.8um Cladding non-circularity ≤0.7%
Cladding diameter 124.8±0.7um Fiber color standard spectrum
Inner sheath Material Bare fibe Colore standard spectrum
LSZH  Diameter 2.4±0.05mm
Kevlar yarn Type  1000D*4/subunit
Stranding Wrapping tape Type 0.18*24mm
FRP Diameter 2.0mm
LSZH layer Thickness 2.5mm
Out sheath LSZH Diameter 15.0±0.5mm
Thickness 1.8±0.1mm
Ripcord Type 1110*2*1

Cable mechanical and environment characteristics

Tensile strength Long term(N) 400N
Short term(N) 1320N
Crush load Long term(N) 300N/100mm
Short term(N) 1000N/100mm
Bending radius Dynamic 20D
Static 10D
Temperature -20℃~+70℃

Fiber characteristics

Fiber style Unit SM G652D MM 50/125 MM 62.5/125
Condition mm 1310/1550 850/1300 850/1300
Attenuation dB/km ≤0.36/0.23 ≤3.0/1.0 ≤3.0/1.0
Cladding diameter um 125±1 125±1 125±1
Cladding non-circularity % ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Coating diameter um 242±7 242±7 242±7