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2.0mm / 3.0mm Duplex Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

Duplex zipcord cable use 900μm tight buffer fiber as optical communication medium. The tight buffer fiber wrapped, and aramid yarn as strength member units, then the cable is completed with a layer of LSZH jacket as out sheath .

  • Product Model:GJFJV
· Adopted to indoor distribution..
· As pigtail of communication equipment.
· Suitable for communication equipment served.
· Can be installed conveniently.
· Hight strength kevlar yarn member.
· High quality tight buffered or loose tube.
· Soft and easy to strip.
· Round construction.

Cable construction details

No. of fiber 2F
SM fiber Fiber type Single mode Concentricity error ≤0.5um
MFD 8.6~9.8um Cladding non-circularity ≤0.7%
Cladding diameter 125±1um Fiber color white and blue
Tight buffer Material PVC Color white
Diameter 0.9±0.05mm Thickness 0.32±0.05mm
Yarn Material Kevlar yarn Color yellow
Type 1000D Qty 3 strands/unit
4 strands/unit
Out sheath Material LSZH Color yellow
Diameter 1.9±0.05mmx3.9±0.1 mm Thickness 0.35±0.05mm
2.9±0.05mmx5.9±0.1 mm 0.45±0.05mm
Gross weight 8.5±2kg/km (2.0mm)
15±3kg/km (3.0mm)

Cable mechanical and environment characteristics

Tensile strength Long term(N) 90 (2.0mm) 120 (3.0mm)
Short term(N) 150 (2.0mm) 225 (3.0mm)
Crush load Long term(N) 100N/100mm
Short term(N) 500N/100mm
Bending radius Dynamic 20D
Static 10D
Temperature -20℃~70℃


Packing material: Wooden drum.

Packing length: 1km per drum or customization.