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Current Status of Micro- and Nano-structured Optical Fiber Sensors

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  The optic fiber cable cross-connect for the management of fiber optic cabling link provides a centralized place. Several fiber enclosures, fiber optic adapter board jumper trucking (vertical), Shortcut the trucking (horizontal) and other rack attachments, can be composed of a large fiber optic patch panels, and called it "fiber optic cross connect field. "Cross-connect using fiber jumper (two Termination good connector) to achieve the connection of two optical fibers, has the Termination good water long time fiber optic cable (fiber optic trunk cable) without changes in the cross-connect module can rearrange Fibre wiring connected road.

   A fiber cross connect field up can be expanded to 12, every column 6, 100 amperes LIUs. Each column can be terminated with 72 fibers, cross-linked and therefore a fully equipped field can accommodate up to 864 fibers.

   Compared to fiber optic cross-connect and fiber optic interconnection method is more flexible. But doubling its connector loss.

   To enhance the strength of the fiber cross connect field and fiber optic cable protection, could be replaced by aluminum over the trough, and is equipped with a removable cover, in order to enhance the mechanical protection of the fiber jumpers.


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