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Current Status of Micro- and Nano-structured Optical Fiber Sensors

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Fiber optic cable into the end of the technical requirements are as follows:
1 According to relevant regulations or in accordance with the design requirements, leave enough reserved for the fiber optic cable, press a certain radius of curvature reserved for fiber optic disk for later use.
2 Cable Terminal installation location should be smooth and safe, away from heat.
3 Fiber optic joint protection measures should be dead within the terminal box connector and it fixed. The remaining fiber inside coiled when the radius of curvature should be greater than the predetermined value.
4 From the cable terminal box connector lead single core fiber optic cable or tail cable brought, shall be required to connect socket inserted into the optical distribution frame (ODF). Temporarily inserted connector should be covered with a plastic cap to prevent dust erosion of the photosensitive surface of the connector, resulting in the increase of connection loss.
5  Cable strengthen core, metal damp-proof layer and metal armored layer design requirements should be grounded or termination.
6 Copper wire cable were introduced at the end of the official disc and far for disk.
7 Optical fiber, copper wire should be marked visibly at the direction and the serial number.

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