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Horizontal Splice Box

1. Fiber Optic Splice Closures is used for protective connection of two or multiple optical cable and optic
fiber distribution.
2. It is one ofcommonlyused equipment of user access point.Used for the outdoor connection between optical distribution cable and optical inroom cable.
3. Available for aerial,duct,direct buried application.

  • Product Model:
1. Sutable for bunchy fibers
2. Aerial ,wall-mounting
3. FTTH optical fiber distribution
1. Up-down bisection, horizontal type
2. 2 inlet/outlet
3. 96 cores max capacity
4. Slide-in-lock design, over 90 opening angle tray
5. Elastic integrated seal ensure tightening fit
6. Housing provide fire resistant, waterproof, and quakeproof for splices while handing
7. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +65 °C


· Convenient to increase or reduce trays/ cassette for capacity requirement


Dimension mm
Cable ports
Cable Diameter
Max. Capacity
(bunchy fiber)
Core capacity per tray
2 ports for Max. Φ23
2 ports for Max. Φ20
2 ports for Max. Φ16
24F capacity tray available


· Improved reinforce rebar on the body of closure make excellent performance under impact, pulling, tension etc
· Straight though integrated design, fit for trunk optical cable, FTTX application
· 3 fixing item/designs to prevent fiber cable from external effect
· Spacious place for storing and maintenance
· Can be used from 40 ℃ to +65℃ temperature range
· Integrated seal, air tight and water proof, flame-retarded
· SGS RoHS test certificate
· Suitable for aerial, underground duct or direct burial applications