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Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure

1. Fiber Optic Splice Closures is used for protective connection of two or multiple optical cable and optic fiber distribution.

2. It is one ofcommonlyused equipment of user access point.Used for the outdoor connection between optical distribution cable and optical inroom cable.

  • Product Model:
1. Gigabit Ethernet
2. Active device termination
3. Telecommunication networks
4. Video; Multimedia; CATV
5. Premise installations
GJS-PMDM05 is an excellent mechanical seal dome type closure.


Reinforce rebar on the body of closure make excellent performance under impact, pulling, tension etc
Convenient to increase or reduce trays/ cassette for capacity requirement
Spacious storing tray/ cassette for storing and maintenance
3 fixing item/designs to prevent fiber cable from external effect
Can be used from 40 ℃ to +65℃ temperature range
Easy to re-enter without tools
Integrated seal, air tight and water proof, flame-retarded
Exquisite small Dimension design, convenience installation application
SGS RoHS test certificate
Suitable for aerial, underground duct or direct burial applications